Thermbond’s Insulating Solution Using MAFTEC Reduces Furnace Downtime

Industry: Aluminum

Description of Equipment: Exhaust Flue Duct

Problem: Customer was experiencing furnace down time due to failure of Flue Duct lined with conventional refractory. Failure was due to extreme temperatures and chemical attack which caused unscheduled down time to replace unit.

Solution: Thermbond’s Insulating Solution using MAFTECTM provides resistance to extreme temperatures and chemical attack.

Product Being Replaced: Replaced conventional refractory lining with MAFTECTM

Savings Using Thermbond: Thermbond’s Insulating Solution using MAFTECTM significantly reduced the downtime and maintenance over the life cycle of the lining. At 1.5 years longer than the previous lining MAFTECTM still looks new and requires no maintenance.

Products Applied: Thermbond Insulating Solution using MAFTECTM

Method of Installation: Anchors welded in place and stack block construction of MAFTECTM material.

Equipment Used: 240 VAC electric welder, soap stone, rawhide hammer, cutting knives, 12” x ½” metal pipe

Scope of Work: Thermbond Engineering designed the compressed Maftec lining and anchoring system to achieve maximum life for this specific environment.

Scope of Work: June 2016