Thermbond Insulating Solutions featuring Maftec – Installation in Reheat Furnace

Industry: Steel

Description of Equipment: Walking-beam reheat furnace.

Problem: The existing dense refractory lining deteriorated contributing to significant maintenance costs and energy losses.

Solution: Complete replacement of hard refractory material with Maftec panels. Castables tend to crack and spall over time requiring regular patching and maintenance. The MAFTEC lining will not deteriorate like dense castable. This translates into a significant reduction in maintenance costs for the customer.

Product Being Replaced:  Conventional dense refractory lining

Savings: Customer saved two weeks of downtime installing Maftec. The much higher insulating value of the Maftec panels greatly reduced energy losses through the roof and allows the furnace to operate more efficiently with uniform heat distribution and reduced over-firing.  Long-term maintenance savings are also expected.

Products Applied: Thermbond Insulating Solution: Maftec panels

Method of Installation: Hoist system was used to lift and place panels in the ceiling, and drywall supports were used to position ceiling panels during welding process.

Equipment Used: Hoists, drywall supports, welding equipment

Scope of Work: MAFTEC panels were welded onto the superstructure once old refractory material was removed.