Thermblock Nose Ring Blocks go into their Fourth year of use!

Industry: Cement

Description of Equipment: Cement kiln nose ring blocks

Problem: Conventional castable nose ring castings required annual replacement.

Solution: Thermblock strength and durability allows for multi-year campaigns.

Product Being Replaced: Cast iron casting covered with conventional castable

Savings Using Thermbond: Thermblock nose ring blocks now in its 4th year of service, saving the customer up to 180 hours of maintenance during annual outages

Products Applied: Thermblock nose ring blocks & Thermbond Formula 4-AG (flashing material).

Method of Installation: Pre-cast Thermblocks installed by customer’s preferred millwright contractors.

Equipment Used: Thermblock nose ring shapes were manufactured by Stellar Materials under strict quality control guidelines to ensure proper density, stainless steel needle additions, and dimensional tolerances.

Scope of Work: The nose ring blocks were rigged into place and bolted to the kiln. Special care was taken to make sure there was proper spacing between blocks for expansion and rotation of the kiln. Once installed the blocks were flashed over with a thin layer of Thermbond Formula 4-AG.

Installation Date: Thermblock nose ring blocks were originally installed in March 2015.

Follow Up: Three-year follow-up tentatively scheduled for April 2019.