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  1. Thinly coat all forms with a release agent. Steel forms must be painted prior to treating with a
    release agent. Sulfur free grease can be used as a release agent.
  2. Use a Hobart type mixer.
  3. Check that equipment is clean and in proper working condition.



  1. Only mix as much material as you can place immediately.
  2. Determine the correct wet to dry ratio. The ratio is by weight.
  3. Mix dry material and liquid activator together for between 2 and 4 minutes depending on the
    mixer. The material is mixed properly when it folds upon itself and looks homogeneous.



  1. When Thermbond® Rammable Refractory is mixed, immediately begin ramming the material
    into place using a pneumatic ramming tool or a rubber mallet.
  2. For additional working time, spread material out on a mortar board prior to placing.
  3. Thermbond® Rammable Refractories should NEVER be vibrated into place.



No curing is required after setting.


Please contact Stellar Materials LLC for:

  • Specific information regarding your application.
  • Extreme weather conditions, below 40° F (5° C) or above 90° F (32° C).



For more information please consult our complete Thermbond Installation Guide.


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