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Installation Information



  1. Use a Hobart or hand operated heavy duty drill mixer.
  2. Check that equipment is clean and in proper working condition.
  3. The refractory surface being repaired must be clean and solid.



  1. Only mix as much material as you can place immediately.
  2. If mixing less than full units of any Thermbond® Refractory, be sure to dry-mix the dry
    component and agitate the Formula Activator before mixing any material, as the contents may
    have settled during shipping and some segregation may have occurred. The correct way to
    determine the amount of the pre-mixed dry formulation to that of the Formula Activator is:
    1. Determine the weight of the pre-mixed dry formulation.
    2. Multiply the weight of the dry formulation by the WET TO DRY RATIO. For Formula 12-W it is
    between 10%-10.5%.
    3. This number is the amount, by weight, of Formula Activator required.
  3. Pour enough pre-measured Formula Activator into the mixing bowl for the entire batch to be
  4. Pour all the dry material into the liquid in the mixer bowl.
  5. Immediately turn on the mixer at low speed. Let the mixer run until the material is mixed
    homogeneous and no dry material is left at the bottom of the bowl. This can take approximately
    1-2 minutes.
  6. Discharge the bowl quickly and distribute the material in multiple portions. This allows a longer
    working time of the individual portions.



  1. Prior to repacking we recommend testing the surface of the existing material with a small
    amount of Formula Activator on a representative place to see whether there is a chemical
  2. If a reaction occurs such as bubbling/foaming we recommend applying small amounts of
    Formula Activator to the surface until the reaction has stopped. Then allow the surface to dry
    prior to repacking with Thermbond Formula 12-W.
  3. In preparation for repacking, dampen a sponge using Formula Activator and apply by slightly
    pressing the sponge on the surface. We do not recommend pre-dampening by spraying or
    brushing uncontrolled large amounts of liquid on the surface!
  4. For placing the Formula 12-W, use the slightly dampened sponge and press the material into
    the hex mesh. Work a thin first layer into the existing refractory. Once the thin layer has been
    applied, additional layers of Formula 12-W material can be added.



No curing is required after setting.


Please contact Stellar Materials LLC for:

  • Specific information regarding your application.
  • Extreme weather conditions, below 40° F (5° C) or above 90° F (32° C).



For more information please consult our complete Thermbond Installation Guide.


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