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Thermbond® products are supplied in pre-measured quantities called “Units,” with each Thermbond®
Unit consisting of a pre-measured amount of dry formulation and a pre-measured amount of Liquid
Activator. The dry component is supplied in lined paper bags and the liquid component is supplied in onegallon size jugs or 55-gallon drums.

Material Labeling

Thermbond® products are labeled with the product name and a serial number stamped on one end of the
bag. For example if a bag is stamped “Formula 5-L” with a serial number 035003, Formula 5-L is the
material. The first number of the serial number represents the year the material was produced (0 means
2010), the next three numbers represent the day of the year the material was produced (350 is the 350th
day) and the last two digits represent the batch number produced during that day (03 is the third batch of
the day).

Product Suffixes

Thermbond® product suffixes, when used, are consistent throughout the product line, and designed to
convey certain characteristics of the products. Below is a listing of the suffixes currently in use and their

“A” Higher Abrasion Resistance
“B” Contains poly fiber to facilitate even faster initial firing
“E” Extended working and setting time (longer than “L”)
“F” Fine grain sizing
“G” Gunning grade
“J” More flowable consistency (higher activator content)
“K” More flowable consistency (same activator content)
“L” Longer working and setting time
“P” Patch and repair mix
“Q” Super quick setting
“R” Ramming grade
“S” Slurry grade
“W” Washcoat grade


Product Storage Life

Products can be used for up to two years if stored in a clean and dry environment.


For more information please consult our complete Thermbond Installation Guide.


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