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Installation Information



  1. Thinly coat all forms with a release agent. Steel forms must be painted prior to treating
    with a release agent. Sulfur free grease can be used as a release agent.
  2. Use a paddle or pan type mixer for pre-dampening.
  3. Use a gunning machine with the recommended bowl size.
  4. Use a properly sized air compressor to operate all pneumatic equipment.
  5. Use Stellar Materials approved nozzle and pump set.
  6. Check that equipment is clean and in proper working condition.


  1. Only mix as much material as you can place immediately.
  2. When applicable, mix dry material with the appropriate amount of liquid activator in a
    pan or paddle type mixer to pre-dampen.


  1. At the nozzle, adjust liquid activator to obtain the proper wet-to-dry ratio.
  2. Nozzle should be 3-4 feet (1 meter) from the substrate.
  3. Material should be applied in a circular motion until desired thickness is achieved.


No curing is required after setting.


Please contact Stellar Materials LLC for:

  • Specific information regarding your application.
  • Extreme weather conditions, below 40° F (5° C) or above 90° F (32° C).



For more information please consult our complete Thermbond Installation Guide.


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